Monday, July 30, 2007

"Wednesday, May 13
Only three more days until you know what!

Monday, JUNE 1, 1998
Today is the first day of our cousins' Vacation
Bible School. I LOVE Vacation Bible School! It
is SO fun! You get to have snacks and you have
recess and you have Arts + Crafts and song time
and you get to have closing and a Bible story.
Today we made a bracelet.
P.A.W.S. stands for Please Ask Who's my
Bekah was going to come, but she decided
not to go.

July 5 9198
YestrDay We Went to the
Cousins. We ate Dinr at ter
hows. We ate hot Dogs
I almost frgt YesterDay
it was the 4fs July.

July 6 9198
I almost frgt We got a noo

July 7 9198
YestrDay DaDDy and mommy
Went to giv blad. DaDDy Went

July 9 9198
YestrDay We Plad With legows.
and I cleenD up mi Barbies.

July 10 9198
YestrD the Coofols Cameover.
We ate Dinr With them.they
had two littlgirls. Their names were
Christina and Rebekah.

July 14 9198
YestrDay We Went on Vacashan.
We had So mach fan."

First off, I apologise for not posting in almost two months. I've been busy. See, normally I have no life, and have all the time in the world to do things like read fan fiction and post on blogs, but recently I've actually had what some might call a life, and that scares me.
Our vacation in May to visit grandparents was lots of fun. My aunt got married, and we all had a great time at the reception. I'm sure Rachel can find you some pictures from that.
In June, I auditioned for StageStruck's summer show, Li'l Abner, and was cast as Senator Jack S. Phogbound. I had a lot of fun with that. It ended a week ago, and I'm all sad 'cause now I don't have much of a life. I liked having a life. I got to see lots of people from Bye Bye Birdie, and met some new people too. I'll have to audition for Charlotte's Webb this fall.
We are leaving for the For You conference in Asheville tomorrow morning really early. I can't wait!!! Rachel had so much fun at The Feast last summer, and she told us all about it, and she just made it sound like the best thing ever! I really should be packing instead of posting on my blog, but this is just so much more fun.
Also, I should have my journal entries from this month posted in the next week or so.

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