Friday, April 27, 2007

"Monday, April 27, 1998
TodaY it raind. MommY
think's that"

Well, I guess I once again got sidetracked in the middle of writing. I don't remember what Mom thought, but it's really not important now, is it?
I've spent most of yesterday and today working on my crochet project. It's coming very well. I'll get pictures of it when it's finished up here within the next month. Speaking of crocheting, I crocheted a purce for Bekah for her birthday last week. She's thirteen now.
My piano teacher wants me to play organ for Peace the first Sunday in May.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"April 25 9198 SaturDaY
TodaY it was Windee"

I don't know why I wanted to remember, forever and always, that it was windy that day nine years ago. I think I just wanted to write, but couldn't think of anything more important to write about.
I meant to write, last time, that Mom signed me up to take driver ed the week after Easter, but I forgot. The class was really really boring. There was this one guy siting next to me who would not shut up! He was really driving me crazy. I did see a girl there that I knew from StageStruck. That was unexpected, but fun.
I started driving the cheese car this week. I have the same driving instructor that Rachel had, Mr. Rogers. I was really scared at first, and I still am gripping the wheel too tightly, but I'm getting better. I got to use cruise control today on highway 70. Mom was really impressed when I told her.
Back on the thirteenth, my last day of Drivers Ed class, Bekah fell rollerblading, and fractured her wrist. She had to get a cast. She's the first one in our family to break a bone. Her cast will come off right before we leave on vacation.
We leave for vacation two weeks from tomorrow. Mom is really worried. I know it will all be better once we leave. Until then, however, things are kinda hectic around here. I have to finish my current crochet project before we leave. I'll probably do that tomorrow afternoon.