Monday, January 29, 2007

"1998 JANUARy 29
I had a great chrisMis.
LAST Niet Aftre Dinner MOM
Sent Me into Mi ROOM
And She TOld Me I Cant
Cam Out Until the
Barbee's Wr cleend UP
And I Finnisht This

I remember this. Mom had grounded me because my floor was covered in barbie dolls. It actually happened twice. The barbie I'm holding in the pic is a Rapunzel doll that I got for Christmas. Mom is saying "GOOD JOB", if you can't read that.
I had rehearsal this evening. We got our tee shirts! They're bright green. I have rehearsal again tomorrow night, Wed night, and Thu night! We don't have the schedule for after that.
I have piano lessons tomorrow. I'm really good at forgetting to practice. It's my special talent!
My current crochet project is coming extremely well. I'm almost done!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm having a very busy week. I have to rehearse at Stage Struck(the place where we have all our rehearsals)every night this week, except Tuesday. I have to be there today from five 'till nine. I'm gonna be tired tonight.
Aside from rehearsing, not much has been going on.
Did I forget to mention that we got highspeed? I'm always forgetting to mention things like that. It's great.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I had rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie on Monday and Thursday. We're practicing the songs so we know them before the choreographer comes next week. I have rehearsal all tomorrow afternoon. It's really lots of fun. I think I forgot to write when the play will be. There will be six performances, March first through fourth. It will be busy, but that's not for almost two months.
Joe is yelling at me to play with him. We have a play-time every Friday and Saturday at three-thirty. I don't know why. It gets annoying. I'm not saying that I don't like to play with my brother. It's just that he's ten, and he knows how to drive me crazy, and does so. He also sleeps on the extra bed in my room every Sunday night. Again, don't ask me why.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Epiphany!
I had meant to post on here last night, but Rachel and Bekah were on, and they wouldn't get off. I waited for two hours!
I had my first Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal on Wednesday night, and then another on Thursday night. It was great. I thought it all went well. I have rehearsals all next week. I'm looking forward to it.
James learned a new word. Seeing as how we got Mom so much candy for Christmas, it's only normal for him to learn the word 'candy'. He thinks it's funny to learn a word, and never say that word. He said it to me once, when I had some candy, and he hasn't said it since. That's James for you. He really does have quite the sense of humor. Like, he knows that Mom is 'mama', but he always calls her 'dada', and when you ask him to say 'mama', he smiles and mouths the word 'dada'.