Thursday, December 28, 2006

"I lost a tooth it was
My first tooth : )"

I forgot to write a date on that one. Mom wrote "Dec. 1997" over it. So, I'm guessing that's when I wrote it. I like the picture I drew to go with it. I had originally tried to draw it on the opposite page, but it didn't look like I wanted it to. So, I erased it and wrote MESUP at the top of the page.
I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. Don't worry, I'm still alive. All sorts of fun stuffs have been going on since I last posted.
I auditioned to be in Bye Bye Birdie, and I got in! I'm gonna be someone named Helen. The first rehearsal is one week from today. I am looking forward to it.
Of course, Christmas began. It's only the fourth day! In our family, we celebrate all twelve days. It's great! We open gifts from all the people we know on the first day. We also get a gift each day from Mom and Dad.
Rachel E's family got me a scarf-knitting kit for Christmas. Now, I didn't know how to knit. So, I taught myself! I finished the scarf right before I got on the compy. It's fuzzy and red. Matt said I should sell it.:D That's Matt for you. He really says the funniest things.
Also, Uncle Dave is coming over tomorrow! The boys are extremely excited! It's really cute. He's also bringing his girlfriend, Tammy, whom my siblings and I have never met. I know Mom and Dad met her a really long time ago. Mom said she likes to crochet, which is great, 'cause I love to crochet! Mom will, no doubt, want me to show her my latest project.
I need to get to bed if I ever want to get up in the morning, which I never do.