Monday, February 19, 2007

"February 19' 1998
YesterdaY I Got A Letr
it was from rachele!
this is"

I suppose I'll have to explain this. When I lost my first tooth, I wrote Rachel E a letter to tell her all about it. She wrote me back and sent me a sticker! I remember being so excited about it. I was going to copy the letter down in my journal. I don't know why I stopped writing in the middle like that.
Auntie Faith, my dad's youngest sister, is getting married three months from today. I've been counting the days since last May. It's only eighty-nine days away! It's really exciting. She wants Rachel, Rebekah and I to sing at her wedding with our cousins. We all want to have matching dresses, though we don't know if things will work out that way.
The choreographer was back yesterday. I had to be at the college from one 'till eight-thirty, with only five to six for dinner! It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it really is a lot of fun. They're having a play this summer, Li'l Abner, and I think I'll audition for it.
Mom wants me to get off and go to bed. So, I guess I will.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lots of stuff going on. The Superbowl party was lots of fun. There was food, which makes everything better.
I had piano lessons yesterday, which I predictably had not practiced for once. I need to really do that every day.
Today was heart day, which is always fun. Mom made a big heart shaped cake with frosting! She also gave us all bags of candy, which I intend to save, but will no doubt eat by the end of the week.
We started rehearsing Bye Bye Birdie at the college on Sunday. We have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night, though they said that it's going to be a long, boring night.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow!! We had snow on Thursday morning! We had no snow last winter. So, this was great, even if it did melt by that evening. I never did like snow, but this is the kind I like, the kind that only is there for a day. Bekah and Joe tried to make a snowman, but they couldn't lift the body without it breaking. Because of the snow, we had no rehearsal on Thursday night.
We had rehearsal this morning. I had to be there at nine thirty to be fitted for character shoes. They're gonna be $33. I feel really guilty about that, though Mom tells me not to.
We have to clean the house today. Dad invited three families to come over tomorrow, for a superbowl party thing. It's gonna be great, but the house is a real mess.