Friday, September 15, 2006

"MOnday September 15, 1997
to day is a day Of

Isn't that so boring? Today it's c week. Just awesome.
We went to the library yesterday! We haven't gone there since June. It was great!
We had dinner at church this evening. Dad is starting confirmation classes up again. Joe will be going this year. It's been four years since I started confirmation, but it seems like yesterday.
James is gonna be one on the 28th. He said "All done" today at lunch. It's the first thing he's said, besides Da and meowing at the kitty. Mom was very excited, because he meant it. He didn't want to eat any more eggs. He said it more that once, too, and he didn't eat more eggs after that.
I need to get to bed now. So, I'll write again some other time.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

tooDAy iS A DAy OF
B WeeK."

I remember, when I drew that picture of a balloon, I was sooo frustrated that it wouldn't turn out just right. So, Mom taped a piece of pink paper over my awful picture so I could make a nice one.
I also remember, that school year, we had a week for every letter of the alphabet. That's why I said it was B week. Mom had made a little chart with library pockets on it, and we would change the 3 by 5 cards in the pockets for the date and the letter for the week.
Dad is very excited about the football season starting. He's in the livingroom right now, watching the Bills game, his favorite team. I hope they win for him.
I really should finish up now. We need to disconnect.

Friday, September 01, 2006

SEPtEmbEr 1, 1997

I wrote that nine years ago today. I was five. I drew the picture too. It's of me. I so wanted to write all sorts of stuff today, but it will have to wait 'till tomorrow. I promised Bekah I would play with her at nine, and it's already nine-twenty-five.
Untill then, happy muffins!