Saturday, September 20, 2008

"August 10 MonDay 1998
ToDay a man Kame to Fix are
Garbij Disqosal guess wo it was
the man who DiD majik at the VBS PiCniC At Aunt MarY'S
Church!" (picture goes here but the scanner isn't working)

Okay, so our garbage disposal was broken. A man came to fix it, and it turned out to be the man who had done magic tricks at our aunt and uncle's church VBS! We realized that was who he was when he took out a deck of cards and started doing card tricks with them. I remember being so amazed by it!

"August 29 SaturDay SaturDay

ToDay Daddy bilt a Corner Cabinet.
We Wached.When it Was Done
it was beautiful."

Some friends of ours sent a bunch of pieces for a corner cabinet with us when we visited them on vacation. When we got home, Dad put all of the pieces together. We still have that corner cabinet. We never stained it, but I think it's pretty just the same.

"September 2 Wednesday 1998
ToDay We are going to Ante Mary
And Uncle greg. and"

I guess we were going to visit the Schultz family that day, as we lived within 10 miles of them back then. We'll never know what happened, since I must have gotten distracted and walked away from my jounal at that point.

"Wednesday, October 14, 1998
A few dayS ago I learned"

I don't remember what I learned that day, but it is comforting to know that I was indeed learning something back then.

"February 23 1999 TuesDay
Today it is Snowing! Mom said we can
play in the snow"

I don't remember this, but, then again, I don't remember a lot of things.

"Agest 15 1999

The yere is going by fast.
Last I new it was my birthday.
but that is in May. we movd to
IOWA in July on the weke of the 4 I thingk we got a kitten
in June Sunday"

I wrote this, one night, on the floor of the bedroom that I supposedly shared with Rebekah, though I can't remember her sleeping in that room more than twice in the year and a half that we lived there. You see that I wrote about Bad Kitty, who only just passed away this spring. She found us early on a Sunday morning, which is why I wrote June Sunday.

"Septembr 3 1999
Now wat was I"

I apparently started writing, but forgot what I was going to write about. That happened to me an awful lot. As I flip through my old journal, I find many places where I wrote the date, but nothing else. For example, on the same page, I crossed out September 1 Tuesday 1998, Seqtember 23 1998 Wednes Day, and October 7 Wednesday 1998.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Okay, so I started a new blog today!!!
You all (all two of my readers) should totally read it. You should also yell at me if I don't update for more than two weeks.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay, so I'm turning 16 this week, and I was thinking I should start a new blog, and make this one just for old journal posts. Then maybe I'll keep up with them.
So, if anyone had an idea for a name for my new blog, please comment on that by Friday.
I'll try to start posting about old journal posts again soon. If I don't, please bug me about it so I remember.